Global Search, Time Zones, and Garmin Connection

We have been working these last few months on some new features for TrainerPlan. These are the main ones:

  • Global search
  • Time Zones for athletes and coaches
  • Garmin connection

Búsqueda global

Now you can search for athletes, groups or plans using the global search. You can access it by clicking on the icon in the main navigation or simply from anywhere use the shortcut Shift + /

Garmin Connect App

Time Zones

If you have athletes training in time zones other than yours, this feature will be very useful. Now coaches and athletes can adjust their time zones in their profiles.

Training Plans For Multisport Athletes

Conexión a Garmin

We already had the connection with Strava available, but Strava has announced that in the future will stop supporting certain functionalities in free accounts, so we anticipated and we already have the connection and automatic synchronization with Garmin available (we are already working to add Polar and Suunto too).

For athletes to connect with their Garmin accounts, they only have to enter their TrainerPlan profiles and select “Share” from the menu. Inside select the «Garmin Connect« button. If you already have a connection to Strava, the process is similar.

How To Structure A Workout
Garmin Connect App

Garmin-synced workouts will appear dark blue. Keep in mind that the synchronized workouts will overlap with the planned ones as long as the distance or duration is similar, otherwise a new activity will be created below the planned one.

Of course, it will only count as distance / duration completed, not as planned so as not to duplicate the scheduled training.

Annual Training Plan
Detailed Metrics of imported activities